Friday, 22 August 2014

Creative kids!

I have always loved being creative even if I didn't know I was 'crafting' and I want to start my children off young. Thomas is 3 next month and he loves being creative.
 He enjoys singing and dancing and putting in shows and he loves making birthday cards for family members. He has just started nursery school and has developed a love of painting and colouring. 
I often get him these books that to add water to a picture and these will keep him occupied for hours 
I try and do things with him such as painting and baking but also let him play with buttons and things. As he gets older I hope to develop his love of being creative and teach him to express himself. Daniel is 15 months and is developing his personality. 
He is proving to be completely opposite to Thomas in most respects but I hope that he will enjoy being creative as much as Thomas does. 
In the mean time here are some of Thomas's works of art! 

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