Friday, 29 August 2014

Practice makes perfect... I hope!

I have been practising inking techniques this week when I have had time. I have made a few errors that I have not been able to salvage and a few that I have. I haven't yet produced a card that I am 100% happy with but I'm hoping I will get better with practice. 
I have always started off by producing a background piece 
This one I was not very happy with as the colours haven't blended  very well. However I kept it as I thought I might still be able to use it. 
I also did a couple that I was happy with that I stamped onto 
I love the pale colours on the square one and the foliage stamped onto the yellow one. 
The red piece from earlier I (think) I managed to rescue by using a larger stamp on it 
Personally I think it looks alright! 
Here are the finished cards 


  1. My favourite is the one you almost put in the bin ! :-D

  2. Practice does make perfect :) I really like the cards you've produced, I particularly like the square one, I hadn't thought of trying ink blending like this on a square card, I'm off to play now :D