Saturday, 30 August 2014

The 'C' Word

It's that time of year again, the time of year when crafters start thinking about the biggest event in the crafting calendar... Christmas! Personally I love Christmas and this love has grown since I have had children. 
Last Christmas was the first one I had found the crafting bug for and I spent a lot of time making hand sewn fabric and felt Christmas decorations 
I did manage to sell a few and also did my first Christmas craft fair. 

This year I am hoping to expand my range of Christmas items. Obviously I am going to make Christmas cards but I have also gotten some Christmas fabric (which I love!) to make some bunting. 
When I get some time for sewing I have lots I want to try before Christmas and hopefully will get to do a couple of fairs. 

I am going to try and make most of my family something for Christmas so I suppose I better crack on! 

Happy Crafting Christmas!


  1. Gorgeous fabric, and lovely Christmas projects.....I'm sure they'll be popular at Christmas Fairs xx

  2. I love these, especially the Christmas pudding one. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the lovely fabrics you've bought.

    I've found your blog through your comment on the 'Inspired by Oak House Studios' Facebook page. Really pleased that you are going to take part in The Creative Blog Hop'. x

    (If you turn off the word verification on your blog, you are likely to get more people making a comment. :-) )