Friday, 3 July 2015

Bee Crafty DT - Love Zentangle

Hi everyone, hope you haven't all melted with the weather we've been having recently!

Every time I have been in my craft room this week I have given up as it's so hot in there, so for my card this week I grabbed a piece of white card, a stencil and a black pen and went and sat in front of the telly.

Here is the card I have made

All I did was stick the stencil to the card using low tack tape and started doodling. I love the look of zentangle so some of it is traditional zentangle designs and some is just little doodles. I just kept going until I'd filled the stencil.
If you wanted you could draw round the edge of the letters to make it more defined but I chose not to.

Here are some close-ups of the designs

To finish it I just went round the edge with a black marker and mounted it onto a card blank.

I hope you like it! I really love how it has turned out.

Emily x

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